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Career Planning
A personal and confidential consultation professionally assists individuals with educational and career planning, life work transitions (including, but not limited to relocation, career advancement, downsizing, burnout, life-work balance, re-entry, retirement),  networking, self-employment, research, strategic search, interviewing and employment negotiations.  Individual consultations usually follow a specific agenda that is set by the client and is strategic in take-aways. Includes:

1. 1 Hr. Focused Session

Cost:  $75.00/Hr.

Interview Prep
Support in strengthening self-confidence and communication skills in preparation for behavioral based interviews.  Role playing, scenario planning and strategies for fielding difficult questions will be addressed.  The client’s transition statement will be reviewed and honed.

1. One Hr. Consultation
2. Resume Critique
3. Tip sheets on interviewing, dressing for success, informational interviewing, following-up and salary negotiations are included in an
   interview packet.

Cost:  $75.00

Executive Leadership/Performance/Retirement Coaching    
Clients confidentially identify a specific developmental area to work on in areas of leadership, interpersonal workplace relationships or performance concerns.  Approach is customized to create a focused Action Plan for professional growth with defined outcomes.

1. 1 Hr. Focused Session  (Not part of an ongoing corporate sponsored engagement)
2.  Manageable Short-term Plan to Jumpstart Action
3.  15 Min Phone Check-In Following Up within 2 Weeks of Consultation

Cost:  175/Hr.

LifeWorks CheckUP™
Review your work performance and career goals using a SWOT Analysis approach that explores your perceived Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Identify 1-3 key competencies that you would like to strengthen over the next 6-12 months. Set individualized learning goals for growth.    Includes:

1.  2 Hr. Consultation
2.  Customized Action Plan
3.  15 Min 3 Month Phone Follow-Up
4.  30 Min 6 Month Phone Follow-Up
5.  15 Min 12 Month Phone Review

Cost:  $225.00
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