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According to leadership experts Kouzes and Posner, leadership is not about personality.  Rather, leadership is about behavior.  In their seminal research on personal-best leadership experiences, Kouzes and Posner identified the ability to model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge a process, enable others to act and encourage from the heart as the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders.

As organizations continue to confront unprecedented change due to unpredictable market dynamics, evolving technologies, globalization, world events and other factors, human emotions in the workplace take a toll.  How leaders choose to behave in challenging situations drives organizational buy-in and performance. 

Let Career Links, LLC customize a coaching program that partners with and supports your leaders’s behaviors as they navigate your organization through difficult storms and chart new courses for successful change processes. 

Engagements generally last between 3-6 months. A variety of assessments including the MBTI, CPI 260, Work Engagement Profile and FIRO Business are used as a springboard for self-introspection, identifying professional blind spots and for designing a proactive plan of action based on setting SMART goals for success. 

Executive Leadership Coaching
What is your organization’s leadership challenge? 
Do you have leaders and high potentials who would benefit from a customized coaching program designed to enrich their leadership strengths?  

Performance Coaching
What performance challenges are your employees facing? 
Could a customized coaching program enhance your employees’ performance and career engagement?  

Retirement Planning
Are there valued employees who might appreciate coaching support as they transfer their knowledge and plan for their retirement?

“Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

                     --Zig Ziglar

Organizational realignment is sometimes necessary, but never an easy decision.  When an employee faces an involuntary separation due to organizational change and/or performance, it is an emotionally difficult situation for both the individual and the employer. Outplacement support eases the transition creating a win-win for all parties. Career Links, LLC provides proven Outplacement Services that is flexible, tailored, effective and affordable. 

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