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The Career Links Model of Life-Work Planning™

Using ethical best practices that integrate counseling, coaching, and career management competencies, the Career Links Model of
Life-Work Planning™ is a highly effective approach for career explorers, career changers, professionals in transition and organizations committed to developing employee talent from the inside out. 

Career Counseling provides a foundation for career direction. Active listening and the latest in assessment technologies enables
clients to:

1.  Identify and articulate career related problems, fears and roadblocks to success
2.  Explore feelings, emotions, values, hopes, dreams, interests and transferrable skills
3.  Define what creates meaning and significance in one’s life
4.  Reflect and recharge on what values are most important in one’s life
5.  Focus on a strengths based approach to career growth and professional development
6.  Create a roadmap for exploring career options and personal development utilizing SMART Goals that are specific, measureable,
     achievable, results oriented and time-bound

Career Coaching is process oriented and focuses on motivating clients to follow a principled plan of action that moves the client toward their career and professional goals.  Coaching becomes a compass that benefits clients in the following ways:

1.  Increases career Focus and search process Accountability
2.  Access to quality Transition Services that enhance the search process and shorten landing time 
3.  Support in Managing Difficult Workplace Issues and in Enhancing Professional Performance
Provides a safe setting for Leadership Development and professional growth using assessments and SWOT Analysis techniques
     that examine
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create a customized, proactive Action Plan that enriches
     career success.

Career Management involves teaching clients to be Self-Directed Leaders who are responsible for their own career development and professional growth.  In today’s knowledge age, individuals who are proactive and resourceful in how they manage their careers,
nurture connections and develop new competencies in an effort to stay relevant will distinguish themselves from their competition.  Career management teaches clients how to:

1.  Polish and update their Personal Branding
2.  Leverage Social Media for career building, business development and nurturing lifelong professional relationships
3.  Set annual Learning Goals to accelerate personal and net worth by investing in an annual LifeWorks CheckUp™ with a Career
     Engagement professional
4.  Create a 30-60-90 day plan for “quick start” on-the-job performance
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