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Career Links, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals find meaningful direction, opportunity, happiness, balance and success in their life-work. 


Using an ethical, caring, holistic and highly personalized strengths-based approach, a Career Engagement Strategist assists clients in achieving their career development and/or professional goals.  

Through a proven process of self-reflection, coaching and ongoing career management, clients can confidentially and confidently explore new career directions, clarify career goals, explore workplace concerns or performance issues,  or expand their leadership competencies.  

Career Links, LLC serves the career development needs of both students and adults at every stage across the lifespan continuum.  Organizational support for talent development and employee transitions is, also, available.


  • Do you know what you want to do?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the search process?

  • Do you have an up-to-date resume/CV?

  • Does internet searching or using social media to network frustrate you?

  • Do you get nervous making contacts and interviewing?

  • Are there performance and leadership goals that you would like to improve?

  • Are you ready for a change?


FACT: You will spend at least 60% of your life working.


The Career Links Model of Life-Work Planning™


 Using ethical best practices that integrate counseling, coaching, and career management competencies, the Career Links Model of Life-Work  Planning™ is a highly effective approach for career explorers, career changers, professionals in transition and organizations committed to providing smooth employee transitions or developing employee talent from the inside out.   

Clarification using active listening combined with self-reflection, exploration and the latest assessments provides a foundation for career direction, performance and on-the-job engagement.



Coaching is process oriented and focuses on helping clients stay on course as they move toward their goals personally and with their employers while Career Management teaches clients to be Self-Directed Leaders accountable for their own career development and professional growth throughout their working lives.






As a student, knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life is a daunting question.  Can anyone truthfully see that far into the future?  There are so many choices and possibilities.  How do you know which one is the right choice for you? 

Luckily, there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  Good decisions are based on good information and planning.

Interests, personality type, values, motivation, defining moments and natural strengths are the links that help you discover your direction in life. Exploring the world of work begins with knowing yourself. 

Getting started can be as easy as choosing one of the Assessment Packages or making an appointment to discuss your interests during a personal Consultation.  In either case, you will be making an investment in your future that will carry benefits far beyond graduation day. 


  • A realistic understanding of the world of work and how it works
  • Greater awareness and confidence in your personal strengths and interests
  • A more focused college selection process for high school students
    Stronger applications and interviews for undergraduate or graduate school admissions
  • Less risk of making a costly mistake in time & money by changing your academic major 
  • Coaching on how to find summer jobs or internships that build experience
  • A deeper understanding of how extra-curricular activities develop marketable skills
  • Learn how to maximize your educational experience and create a life strategy that will meet your goals
  • Learn life-work planning skills that will last a lifetime



Life work planning is a lifelong process that is constantly being refined and redefined.  What we wanted when we were students may be very different from what we aspire to as adults.  Maybe the path we have chosen is no longer the path we want to be on.  Sometimes, life throws us a few curves that we could never anticipate.  And sometimes, we are so overwhelmed by circumstances in our lives that we forget who we are.   


  • Want a New Opportunity? 
  • Need Advancement?
  • Would Like to Build New Leadership Competencies?
  • Job Dissatisfaction?
  • Re-Entering the Workplace After Time Off? 
  • Downsizing?
  • Underemployment?
  • Mid-Career Change?
  • Empty Nest?
  • Personal Loss (Death of a loved one or Divorce)?
  • Illness?
  • Dual Career Decisions?
  • Relocation?
  • Second Career? 
  • Life-Work Imbalance?
  •  Financial Stress?
  • Retirement?

Taking time to reconnect with your authentic self is the first link to meaningful life-work planning.  

Regaining control of your choices and being proactive about your life changes are the links that create satisfaction and success.




According to leadership experts Kouzes and Posner, leadership is not about personality.  Rather, leadership is about behavior.  In their seminal research on personal-best leadership experiences, Kouzes and Posner identified the ability to model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge a process, enable others to act and encourage from the heart as the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders.

As organizations continue to confront unprecedented change due to unpredictable market dynamics, evolving technologies, globalization, world events and other factors, human emotions in the workplace take a toll.  How leaders choose to behave in challenging situations drives organizational buy-in and performance. 

Let Career Links, LLC customize a coaching program that partners with and supports your leaders’ behaviors as they navigate your organization through difficult storms and choppy waters so they can effectively help to chart new courses for successful change processes. 

Engagements generally last between 3-6 months. A variety of assessments including the MBTI and  Work Engagement Profile may be used as a springboard for self-introspection, identifying professional blind spots and for designing a proactive plan of action based on setting SMART goals for success. 

What is your organization’s leadership challenge? 
Do you have leaders and high potentials who would benefit from a customized coaching program designed to enrich their leadership strengths?   

What performance challenges are your employees facing? 
Could a customized coaching program enhance your employees’ performance and career engagement?   


Comprehensive and customized outplacement packages are available including onsite notification support.

Are there valued employees who might appreciate coaching support as they transfer their knowledge and plan for their retirement?




Strong Interest Inventory.  Validated interest assessment with implications for career, educational, & leisure time planning.  Interpretive Report is customized for High School, College or Adult life-work planning applications.


1.  Assessment
2.  Customized Interpretive Report
3.  2 Hours of Consultation

Cost:  $250.00

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  The MBTI is a valid and reliable instrument that measures psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.  A person’s type is based on their preferences toward how they are energized, how they prefer to take in information, how they make decisions and what kind of structure they prefer when dealing with the outside world.  Type has useful applications for understanding career choices, interpersonal interactions, decision-making and stress management.  This package is designed to be compatible with performance and leadership development coaching goals as well as career development. 


1.  Assessment
2.  Customized Report  (Choose One) 
•  Career Report
•  Communication Style Report
•  Conflict Style Report
•  Decision-Making Style Report
•  Stress Management Style Report
3.  2 Hours of Consultation

Cost:  $250.00

Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI with Career Report (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator).  The Strong Interest Inventory along with the MBTI provide detailed information about an individual’s interests, strengths, personality type and work style.  Validated research links interests and personality types to potential careers, educational programs and leisure time activities which can facilitate further exploration and/or confirm direction.  This package is ideally suited to both students and adults and can be specifically customized to address individual life-work planning or professional development concerns. 


1. Two Assessments
2. Two Customized Interpretive Reports
3. Three 1hr Life Work Planning Sessions

Cost:  $350.00


Career Planning
A personal and confidential consultation professionally assists individuals with educational and career planning, life work transitions (including, but not limited to relocation, career advancement, downsizing, burnout, life-work balance, re-entry, retirement),  networking, self-employment, research, strategic search, interviewing and employment negotiations.  Individual consultations usually follow a specific agenda that is set by the client and is strategic in take-aways. Includes:

1. 1 Hr. Focused Session

Cost:  $75.00/Hr.

Interview Prep  
Support in strengthening self-confidence and communication skills in preparation for behavioral based interviews.  Role playing, scenario planning and strategies for fielding difficult questions will be addressed.  The client’s transition statement will be reviewed and honed.  Video mock interviewing is an option.

1. One Hr. Consultation
2. Resume Critique
3. Tip sheets on interviewing will be included in an interview packet.

Cost:  $75.00

Executive Leadership/Performance/Retirement Coaching   
Clients confidentially identify a specific developmental area to work on in areas of leadership, interpersonal workplace relationships or performance concerns.  Approach is customized to create a focused Action Plan for professional growth with defined outcomes.

1. 1 Hr. Focused Session  (Not part of an ongoing corporate sponsored engagement)
2.  Manageable Short-term Plan to Jumpstart Action
3.  15 Min Phone Check-In Following Up within 2 Weeks of Consultation

Cost:  175/Hr.

Corporate Outplacement & Coaching

*Pricing TBD depending on needs.


Customized resume development is available for entry-level, mid and executive levels.  Includes:

1. Final Document in Word and Plain Text
2. Tips on How to Leverage LinkedIn as an Electronic Resume
3. Tips for Writing Cover Letters, Follow-up, Thank-you and Email Correspondences

Cost:  $75.00/Hr.

Millicent N. Simmelink Ed.D., LPC

Millicent has been consulting with individuals undergoing career transitions and developing their careers for more than thirty years.  Professionally, her approach integrates a client-centered holistic model to facilitate each client’s unique self-exploration and transition. 

Experienced in assisting clients with all aspects of their lifework planning including change management, involuntary separations, leadership development, performance enhancement, academic planning, resume writing, interview preparation, networking, life-work balance and strategic self-marketing, Millicent is committed to providing customized and meaningful services.  On an organizational level, Millicent provides assistance to small businesses and non-profits in the areas of succession planning, employee/volunteer engagement, outplacement and leadership development.

As a licensed professional counselor, Millicent is the founding principal of Career Links, LLC which was established in 1985.   In addition to maintaining her private client group, Millicent is a service provider to CareerCurve LLC, a Weatherhead 100 company providing international outplacement services and is an Adjunct Professor in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at John Carroll University.  

Prior to founding Career Links LLC, Millicent has worked as the Assistant Director of Career Development and Placement for Oberlin College and as a Career Advisor for Ohio University.  Outside of higher education and private practice consulting, Millicent has served as the Vice President of Prasse Lumber and Material Company where she was part of a senior management team responsible for strategic planning and implementing organizational change. She  has served on the board of directors of Beachcliff Cabinet and Design Company for 25 years and is a past president/trustee emeritus of the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation. 

Millicent holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University-Sarasota Campus, a master’s in Postsecondary Education and Counseling from Cleveland State University and a bachelor’s in French Literature with a concentration in History from Kenyon College.  Millicent is licensed by the State of Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board, certified as an International Job and Career Transition Coach by the Career Planning and Adult Development Network and is certified in Meyers Briggs.  Millicent is, also, a commissioned Stephen Minister.                              



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